Knoten 2214m (K) 
Nach 2 Stunden Aufstieg erreiche ich die tief verschneite Oberberger Alm.  
From: Susy  Mon Jul 4 21:25:18 2016
Standard & Po#r7o821&;s lowered its ratings and revised its outlooks on 22 U.S. banks, citing the firm’s belief that operating conditions for the industry will become less favorable than they were in the past.


Schöner, interessanter Schlussanstieg hinauf zum Gipfel.  
From: Lavar  Mon Apr 10 22:04:26 2017
I just threw-up a little in my mouth. Honestly they should just stop letting him have human incttareion with girls at least. God, stuff like that makes me sick! >.


Blick hinab auf Dellach im Drautal.  
From: Sondi  Tue Apr 11 02:13:45 2017
Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed isnt funictoning today. I tried adding it to my Bing reader account but got absolutely nothing.


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