Piz Sesvenna 3204m - Schadler 2948m (I) 
Blick zurück nach Schlinig, die Sonne schon recht hoch obwohl es erst kurz nach 8:30 Uhr ist.  
From: Dweezil  Tue Apr 11 04:47:47 2017
11bYes I have been avoiding nuts, mainly almonds. Nuts also have anti-nutrients like grains, although nuts with a harder shells like macadamias have the least antsn-utrienti. I am pretty sure almonds make the eczema on my hands and feet flare.


Vorbei an der Inneren Alm.  
From: Ranessa  Tue Apr 11 05:34:13 2017
Sehipram Falls has been bouncing around my LoveFIlm list for a while, will bump it up a bit. I think Broz was the best Bond, and to see him do this soon after just shows how great an actor he actually it – comedy timing is superb.


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